Cambrian Mountains Lamb

Available from the Co-op’s Truly Irresistible range
and from high quality independent butchers

Cambrian Mountains Lamb is available as part of the Truly Irresistible range of produce from your local Co-operative store.

Cambrian lamb farmers within The Co-operative Lamb Group have an extra annual audit by an independent third party to measure their performance and to drive long-term improvement. The Co-operative’s dedicated agricultural team also visits these farms when possible throughout the year, as well as undertaking welfare checks at all abattoirs.

Read what the Co-operative have to say about our lamb on their website

You can also purchase Cambrian Mountains Lamb from high quality butchers: Bob the Butcher in Rhayader and Provenance Village Butcher in Notting Hill, London

Truly Irresistible Cambrian Lamb

Cambrian Lamb for Professional Chefs and High Quality Butchers

A seasonal product, available from late June to January Cambrian Mountains Lamb is available for professional users from Dunbia,
with our lamb being handled by Dunbia’s facilities within the Cambrian Mountains region. Cambrian Mountains Lamb is part of Dunbia’s premium range of products, developed for professional users whose clients demand quality and value provenance.

You can contact Dunbia’s sales office via email, or visit their website for more information.



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Cambrian Lamb for Professional Users
If you would like more information about our farms, production, the Cambrian Mountains region or other farm specific information, please contact Aled Davies of Cambrian Mountains Lamb on 01970 639 410 or use this contact form to get in touch.

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